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Here and Now by Clemence Prosen

Here and Now is part of the “Take a Break” series.


The “Take a break” series is made of seascapes paintings. Most of them are painted from the coast of County Fingal in Ireland, which I find very inspiring.

This series is to transport the viewer to a place to relax, to breathe and to leave the busy life behind. The sea is the perfect place to take a pause and being rocked by the sound of the waves. I wish the viewer to forget about the stress, the responsibilities, but also to take the time to reflect on their life.

Take a Break, Breathe, Sense, Forget Your Busy Life, Enjoy a Moment of Art.

Framed Oil Painting – Oil Painting with white wooden frame

Inspired by a walk along Skerries Harbour, Ireland


20″x16″ = 50.7 x 40.6 cm with white frame

18″x14″ = 45.7×35.6cm (canvas)

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Painting: 046 x 36cm (18 x 14 inches)
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Price: 570.00

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Art Description


  • Price: 570.00
  • Size: 046 x 36cm (18 x 14 inches)
  • Medium: Oil
  • Framed: yes

Artist's Description

Clemence Prosen

Clemence Prosen

Emerging Artist
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    Other Description

    Price includes shipping costs

    20″x16″ = 50.7 x 40.6 cm with white frame

    18″x14″ = 45.7×35.6cm (canvas)


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