Naoi gCeád Bliain

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Naoi gCeád Bliain by Ann McKenna

Print: 018 x 30.5 cm (7 x 12 inches)
Price: 170.00

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Art Description

Prints Available:

  • 018 x 30.5 cm (7 x 12 inches): 170.00
  • Framed: No

Artist's Description

Ann McKenna

Ann McKenna

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Kilcock, County Kildare
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

The Children of Lir.

An ancient legend which tells of the tragic tale of the children of The King Lir and his wife Aoibh of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Ler is the old Irish name for the sea and in this tale, the children of king Lir are transformed in to swans by their jealous step mother Aoife, who decrees that they should spend three hundred years on Lake Deravaragh, the next three hundred years on the Sea of Moyle and their last three hundred years on the waters of Inis Domnann.

18.5cm x 35cm plus 5cm border all round.

The Irish Legend prints collection are produced to the highest quality with archival pigment ink, signed and titled and are presented with a surround picture mount.


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