Lough Nahanagan

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Lough Nahanagan by Bart Murzicz

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Art Description

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  • 018 x 52 cm (7 x 21 inches): 99.00
  • 25 x 75 cm (10 x 30 inches): 175.00
  • 030 x 90 cm (12 x 35 inches): 250.00
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Artist's Description

Bart Murzicz

Bart Murzicz

  • Location: Dublin,
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

Lough Nahanagan (Irish: Loch na hOnchon) is a corrie lake and is found at the head of Glendasan Valley, on the north face of Camaderry Mountain in the Wicklow Mountains.


The black wall of the corrie is 95 meters high and is a regular nesting spot for Peregrine Falcon. Loch na hOnchon means “Lake of the Water Monster”

It was a very strange winter day back in January of 2010. It felt more like spring with lots of sunshine, no signs of snow, but still a bit chilly. A funny glimpse of shining light has caught the corner of my eye while going up the valley. It came to be ice particles, trapped in the beautifully red heathers growing around the lake. After hiking even higher I’ve noticed that all the threes were covered in snow and ice only from the north side, the warmth of the sunlight was melting all the ice and creating a magnificent glittering spectacle.


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My goal is to always achieve the best visual result which resembles the scene, as witnessed by all the senses.


Final image consists of 13 photographs merged together into a multi-exposure composite.


Printed exclusively by the artist on highest quality cotton based archival photographic paper, using twelve colour pigment ink large format printer.


Prices and exact measurements of prints:



Imperial: 7.5” x 22.5”  (9” x 24” including white border)

Metric: 19 x 57 cm  (23 x 61 cm including white border)



Imperial: 10” x 30”  (12” x 32” including white border)

Metric: 25.5 x 76 cm  (30.5 x 81 cm including white border)



Imperial: 12” x 36”  (14” x 38” including white border)

Metric:  30.5 x 91.5 cm  (35.5 x 96.5 cm including white border)


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