Samuel Beckett – A Colourful Man

Room View Samuel Beckett – A Colourful Man

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Brian Keating

Brian Keating

 Professional Artist
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    Samuel Beckett (13 April 1906 – 22 December 1989) was an Irish novelist, playwright, short story writer, theatre director, poet, and literary translator. A resident of Paris for most of his adult life, he wrote in both French and English.

    Beckett’s work offers a bleak, tragic-comic outlook on human existence, often coupled with black comedy.

    Overall Paper Size: 25 cm X 20 cm (includes white space around the image)
    Drawing Size: 19 cm X 13 cm

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    2 sheets of acid-free paper.

    2 sheets of acid-free heavy cardboard.

    A reinforced strong envelope.

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