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Clemence Prosen

Clemence Prosen

Emerging Artist
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    Sounds of Serenity is part of the collection “Breathe”.

    The new collection “Breathe” is composed of relaxing and beautiful seascapes and is the outcome of my long walks and breathing exercises.

    I wish this painting to bring to you the same level of relaxation that I found while walking along the sea and while painting them, with soft and colourful brushstrokes. I hope that when looking at my paintings, you will be reminded to breathe and that you will see, hear, feel the sea, be transported with all your senses.

    Take a Break, Breathe, Sense, Forget Your Busy Life, Enjoy a Moment of Art.

    Original Oil Painting on Cotton Canvas. Unframed. 10″x9″ = 25x23cm


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