4th hole Kinsale Golf Links

Room View 4th hole Kinsale Golf Links

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Conor Murphy

Conor Murphy

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Kinsale, Cork
  • Country: Ireland
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Sorry,  This painting is SOLD

Made with tubes of Passion.

This painting is actually 23 and three quarter inches Square x half inch

This is an Acrylic painting on Canvas,   the view is from the 4th hole at the Kinsale Golf Links at the Old Head of Kinsale Co Cork.  Some of the world top golf players come to visit and play here.
In the distance is the Light House and it is 18 km off this that On the 7th of May 1915 the Lusitania was torpedoed
The sinking of the Cunard Liner the Lusitania resulted in the deaths of 1,198 of the 1,959 people aboard. It was torpedoed off the Old Head by the Germans during World War I.
If you are in Kinsale, this is worth a visit.

Thank you for your visit to my gallery.
It is much appreciated.


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