Connors Pass Dingle Kerry

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Conor Murphy

Conor Murphy

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Kinsale, Cork
  • Country: Ireland
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Connors Pass Dingle Kerry by Conor Murphy. This painting was created from tubes of Passion by an Irish artist in Ireland.
24 x18 Inches.

A  twisty one-lane asphalted road leads to the pass. The drive, inadvisable in bad weather, is considered one of the most beautiful in Ireland. The scenic road leading to the pass weaves its way around the sharp cliff faces and past high corrie lakes. Vehicles over two tonnes in weight are prohibited from using the road in order to avoid difficulties in passing.
When you get to Ireland, this is a must see and drive.
Bicycle ascent to the pass is one of the most famous and difficult climbs in Ireland.

This painting is a one of a kind, original and signed, lower left.

Thank you for your visit to my gallery today.

Width (in CENTIMETERS): 61
Height (in CENTIMETERS): 45.7
Price: 491

Ireland ………………………….35 Euros.
Worldwide……………… 75 Euros





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