Sailing by Lovers Cove Kinsale

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Conor Murphy

Conor Murphy

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Kinsale, Cork
  • Country: Ireland
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This is a beautiful beach situated in Kinsale Co Cork, Ireland.
One sailing boat is off in the distance.
Across the narrow bay is Charles Fort, built in 1670.   Looking south is the Old Head of Kinsale where on the 7th May the Lusitania was torpedoed  by a German sub-, 1,198 souls were lost.
Staying at the Old Head is where the famous Golf Links is situated and where some of the worlds top players visit.
To the East of this beach is James Fort and combined with Charles Fort they protected the harbour of Kinsale.
Below Charles Fort is the famous Bulman Bar and Restaurant where you will be treated to the finest food that the town of Kinsale has to offer.


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