Sunset At Fanad Lighthouse

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Conor Mcguire

Conor Mcguire

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Castlebar, Mayo
  • Country: Ireland
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It’s easy to recognize the main attraction on this peninsula: Fanad Head Lighthouse, which was conceived as essential to seafarers following a tragedy over 200 years ago.

In December 1811, the frigate Saldanha sought shelter from a storm, heading towards Fanad as it frantically fought the raging wind and waves. Sadly, reaching shore safely never happened, and the ship was wrecked off the northern coast – its only survivor was the ship’s parrot. Soon after, the Fanad Head Lighthouse was built to help weary sailors on their journey. It’s still there today, standing on a rocky outcrop blinking out to sea. The Saldanha’s bell allegedly found a new home in Portsalon’s church tower, while the ship’s salvaged timbers bear the weight of the roof in Ramelton’s Town Hal


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