Sweet Summer dreamin’!

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Fiona Roche

Fiona Roche

 Professional Artist
  • Location: County Dublin,
  • Country: Ireland
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Happy memories and looking forward to good times keep us buoyant and in good spirits, especially when we are facing challenging times.  This is what inspired this painting; I want it to be a hopeful piece that will encourage the viewer to remain optimistic and positive.  This painting is an original piece brimming with texture, life and all the colours of the rainbow.  It invites you to enter into a wild meadow of joy and exuberance.  Textured, lively and measuring 28 x 86 cm (11 x 33 inches), this is a slim piece that would enliven a slender wall in your home or work environment.  It is framed in a simple white timber frame and is presented ready-to-hang.  I hope it takes you to a good time and place! Fiona



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