The promise that each day brings!

Room View The promise that each day brings!

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Fiona Roche

Fiona Roche

 Professional Artist
  • Location: County Dublin,
  • Country: Ireland
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Each day opens up new possibilities and potential!  I also feel that way when I start on the journey of creating a painting.  Each painting, like each day, holds promise and joy.  This piece is an original, framed painting.  Measuring 30 x 83 cm, this piece is brimming with vibrancy, texture, liveliness and cheer!  It is framed in a contemporary, white wooden frame.  I create wildflower paintings to bring happiness and colour and nature into each special living area.  Colour and nature affects our emotions.  I use bright, optimistic colours to move the viewer to a good place and bring the promise of the outdoors, inside!  Fiona


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