Animals Matter Baby Sea Turtle Painting

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John Adams

John Adams

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Cork, Cork
  • Country: Ireland
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Animals Matter Baby Sea Turtle painting by John Adams 2020
Acrylic on metal 80x74cm €2300

ArtClick will donate 10% on the sale of this artwork to the buyers preferred animal rescue registered charity.

The animals matter baby sea turtle painting is the symbol for the most vulnerable creature that has to battle to survive from the minute it is born out of the egg onto the open beach. Just getting to the sea is an incredible achievement but then life begins and the fight to live continues to the very end. Here in this painting we see the turtle swimming into the unknown, the metal it is painted on is jagged and dangerous like the rocks but it really represents the greatest dangers which are all man-made. The animals matter sea turtle painting is currently available for sale.


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Animals Matter Sea Turtle Passing painting


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