I Dreamt Of White Horses

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John O'Grady

John O'Grady

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    I think the expression White Horses is beautifully poetic.

    It describes the white foam that appears as waves break at sea, normally when a gale is blowing off the West coast of Ireland during the winter months is wild and bleak, but for all that, there is an elemental force that makes us feel connected to nature in all its power.What do you think? This is an acrylic painting on gessoed stretched canvas prepared by myself. The paints are of the highest quality, they all meet archival standards so you can enjoy this art work for many years to come. I apply a light coat of retouch varnish before I send a painting to protect it and bring out the luminosity of colours. I regularly ship my work all over the world safely and securely from France where I now live.


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