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John O'Grady

John O'Grady

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    The Silver Sea by John O’Grady

    This painting is a 20″ x 47.5″ x 1.75″ oil on deep edged canvas ready to hang.


    It’s been raining all day on the west coast of Ireland.

    The mist shrinks your ability to see what’s in front of you and around you.

    And then, late afternoon comes and as if by magic, sun rays pierce through the heavy clouds.

    The sky becomes brighter, bluer. The clouds are edged with pure light.

    The sea, still, mirror-like, dazzles with silver specs.


    It’s a transformative moment.


    Everything seems glossier. You can see what’s around you anew.


    The pressure evaporates. It’s time to enjoy the nice day.


    At first, I struggled with the panoramic format of this painting. I tend to work with a square format. But then, as I painted a cloud and the memory of that experience came flooding back, a sunny spell gave the directions I needed to complete this larger artwork.



    All paintings are varnished to add a protective coat against dust.

    Only the highest quality archival fine art grade oil paints are used on a surface gessoed and prepared by myself.


    All work is carefully packed using protective compressed foam boards 2 cm deep and then wrapped in cardboard so that your painting arrives safely. I’ll email you a tracking code when your painting is sent within 5 working days.

    I exhibit internationally and my art is featured in collections worldwide.


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