Nuns Walk, Altamont, Co Carlow

Room View Nuns Walk, Altamont, Co Carlow

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Mary Prior

Mary Prior

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Cavan, Ireland
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

The rambling informal gardens at Altamont situated in a remote place hidden within the many winding lanes of Co Carlow, an ever-changing hidden wonderland of foliage, flowers and fragrances.

The 40-acre Altamont Gardens fall away from the 18th-century house towards the Slaney river, with views beyond to the Wicklow and Blackstairs mountains.

Various inter-linking courtyards provide shaded areas away from the main garden and the two wonderful lines of beeches which make up the Nun’s Walk.

A walk through an ancient oak-wood and ice-age glen leading down to the river Slaney a wonderful feature, believed to have been created by renowned garden designer William Robinson.

Altamont House is believed to have been built in 1740 on the site of a convent, replacing an earlier fortified farmhouse dating from the 1600s.



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