The Golden fields of Autumn

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Niki Purcell

Niki Purcell

 Professional Artist
  • Location: arklow, wicklow
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

The Golden fields of Autumn is a painting filled with the beautiful gold,browns and ochres of Autumn, these colours are just so vibrant and joyful as you head into winter, like a final blast of sunshine wrapped up in a season.

Autumn landscapes filled with these golden hues are some of my favorite scenes and I love this season for its drama and flaming colour.

The Golden fields of Autumn is a painting of fields that I can see from my house on the borders of County Wicklow and County Wexford in Ireland, I always enjoy watching the harvest happen and the haystacks being made and standing in the fields like sculptures

This  work is oil on board and is float mounted and framed in a limed white wooden box frame

all work is carefully bubble wrapped and is boxed in a cardboard box and delivered directly


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