Night Falls over Poolbeg

Room View Night Falls over Poolbeg

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Artist's Description

Niki Purcell

Niki Purcell

 Professional Artist
  • Location: arklow, wicklow
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

Night Falls over Poolbeg is filled with nostalgia
I love the Iconic Poolbeg Chimneys and I am constantly drawn back to painting them, they almost feel like friends at this stage!,

Since childhood I always looked out for them whenever I travelled to Dublin by Train, seeing them was almost as exciting as going to the Airport, they seemed to be symbolic of the big city and it’s sophistication and I have never quite gotten over that excitement of the first glimpse of them from a Dart window
This is a view from Sandymount strand

This ainting is float mounted and framed as shown and is 35 x 37 x 3cm framed


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