Sunny afternoon over Killiney Bay

Room View Sunny afternoon over Killiney Bay

Art Description

Artist's Description

Niki Purcell

Niki Purcell

 Professional Artist
  • Location: arklow, wicklow
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

Sunny afternoon over  Killiney Bay is a painting filled with the light of a sunny afternoons walk up Killiney Hill, the warm bright yellow of the gorse on the hill is magical, such a pity it’s so thorny! but at least it does smell like coconut which adds to the delight of a sunny day as it always reminds me of sunscreen and summer holidays…

The view out to the Wicklow mountains and the Sugarloaf is spectacular and always worth the climb….

This painting is oil on board and is float mounted and framed in a Limed white box frame

All work is carefully bubble wrapped and packed in a cardboard box then delivered directly to you


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