Two trees in the winds of Storm Ophelia

Room View Two trees in the winds of Storm Ophelia

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Niki Purcell

Niki Purcell

 Professional Artist
  • Location: arklow, wicklow
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

Two trees in the winds of Storm Ophelia is a painting of the headland opposite my home during the recent Storm Ophelia as it hits the County Wicklow coastline…

There is a series of Headlands/Bays that I can see from my window and on one of the Headlands stand these two trees, they seemed brave and fearless through the storm…

The dramatic seas and the whipping clouds were such fun to paint and luckily I could do this in the comfort of my home perched on the cliffs and looking out my window…

The swell of the sea and the rolling waves were truly awe inspiring and a real reminder of the power of nature … a dramatic Irish seascape

*Float mounted and framed in a limed white wooden frame 30 x 30cm
*Carefully packed and couriered directly to you


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