Brent Goose

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Brent Goose by Terence O'Connell

Print: 064 x 36 cm (25 x 14 inches)
Price: 155.00

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Art Description

Prints Available:

  • 064 x 36 cm (25 x 14 inches): 155.00
  • Framed: No

Artist's Description

Terence O'Connell

Terence O'Connell

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Mullingar, County Westmeath
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

Signed Limited Edition of 150 from an original oil-painting This is the Pale-Bellied Brent Goose.

Many thousands of these birds winter all around the Irish coast. It comes to us from its breeding grounds in the wilds of arctic Canada and Greenland. One of the best places to view them is on the mudflats of the Bull Island in Dublin Bay, a site of international importance , where they are noticeably tolerant of humans. It is a remarkable contrast in surroundings – from arctic wastes to a capital city. This bird was among a small group swimming beside the Bull Wall which connects the island to the mainland. If I raised my eyes I was looking across at the industrial landscape of Dublin Port, planes were flying low into Dublin Airport, all around me were the suburbs of North Dublin, and dozens of its citizens were out walking on this fine, crisp February day – and not a bother on any of them, bird or human.

Terence O’Connell


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