The Shell Cottage Cullenstown Wexford

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Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Wexford, Wexford
  • Country: Ireland
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The Shell Cottage at Cullenstown is on the south coast of Wexford near the village of Duncormick. In January, I went there to paint with some artist friends my first painting out of doors in the new year.

The thatched cottage is a well-known landmark. Along with several outbuildings, its white walls are completely encrusted in seashells laid out neatly in patterns by the late owner, Kevin Ffrench. His work was repaired in 2006 with assistance from the Heritage Council. Unfortunately, none of its marvellous decoration made it into my painting. This was my second painting of that day and I was struck by the strong shadow patterns falling across the lane as the sun broke through clouds and lit up the side of the little group of buildings.
Tony Robinson


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