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Top Trader by Yvonne Donoghue

Print: 040 x 56 cm (16 x 22 inches)
Price: 105.00

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Art Description

Prints Available:

  • 040 x 56 cm (16 x 22 inches): 105.00
  • Framed: No

Artist's Description

Yvonne Donoghue

Yvonne Donoghue

  • Location: Dublin, Dublin
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

Image Size 12 x 18 “, on Paper Size 16 x 22”.

Using Fine Art Paper, on a Signed Limited Edition of 400. A young Traveller boy sits on bareback but fully in control of quite a big horse guiding him only by grabbing a small bit of hair without using a saddle, head-collar or reins, on one Sunday they were beginning construction in The Smithfield Market and even though there wasn’t meant to be a fair that day, everyone had gathered behind the Hardwicke Apartments, even though the council didn’t want it to go ahead the Traders and Travellers made sure it did.


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