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Let Art Play its Part Within an Interior Space.

Let Art Play its Part Within an Interior Space.

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Regina Rogers Fallon is a Dublin based Artist and Interior Designer, working within these combined industries gives Regina a good understanding and pragmatic approach to integrating Art within an interior space, with careful consideration to the basic principles of Interior design, the objective is that both art forms respectively provide an ultimate effect while achieving the perfect balance.

Regina believes that good design is not necessarily following fluctuating trends but creating a personal expression of yourself within your home, the main objective when designing a home is to create an environment that is psychology uplifting and represents the way you live your life. Incorporating Art is now becoming a vital part of a modern home, it allows you to instil a sense of identity while creating a mood that enhances the design of an interior.


Art can also contribute to the style and era of a home, dressed with an ornate frame to add an element of flamboyancy or placed in position to dance from a neutral backdrop, Interior design is about creating layers, finding the right balance between all the essential components, Regina ask’s, is Art created to coordinate perfectly within an interior space, in Theory, no, because if an artist has to adhere to a script you are instinctively removing their creative freedom, but if you have a mismatch of colour within a room does the Artwork then become a negative within a well calculated design.

Art can finalise the shape of a room by giving the visual perception of addition height, drawing attention to an architectural feature or merely fill an abundance of empty wall space by bringing it to life, it can be the actual colour scheme within a muted neutral environment, or a much needed “quietness” amongst the noise. “There to be admired” always give careful consideration to framing a piece of Art, a frame is applied to enhance this carefully crafted work not argue with the colours or shrink the work in stature when it could play a-much bigger part.

Regina finds that clients who invest in her work tend to purchase multiple pieces which creates a consistency with colour texture and style .. all wrapped with the same neutral frame. buying from local Artist tends to add a familiarity and possibly an element of sentiment, Art is definitely one of the components within an interior design that is purchased with longevity in mind, its the final layer to an interesting structure, when the piece is right you will instinctively know.

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Regina provide’s online Design consultations for further details view : https://reginarogersfallon.com..."> style="color: #ff6600;">reginarogersfallon.com



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