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The timeless appeal of Floral Art

The timeless appeal of Floral Art

ArtClick Admin
The popularity of floral art has stood the test of time both with artists and art buyers over the centuries. The Egyptians were known for their love of the lotus flower as was evident in their paintings and ceramics. 
In the Middle Ages large scale tapestries literally of thousands of flowers became so popular that a new term was coined millefleur (French mille-fleurs). During the Renaissance, floral designs were often incorporated into mythological paintings and floral still lifes became very popular as well. Today paintings of blossoms, whether en plein air, still life or of a botanical format, continue to resonate. 
When you consider the popularity of floral painting over time, it should be no surprise that floral art is one of our most popular categories. But why does floral artwork have such universal appeal?
Flowers Evoke Memories
Floral paintings have a powerful ability to make us reminisce, perhaps thanks to the seasonal and temporary nature of flowers. A burst of cherry blossoms conjures images of the sweet scent of a cherry tree on a beautiful spring day. Wildflowers in a field may remind us of a summer picnic.
Bluebell Meadow by Vincent Smith
Floral Paintings are Colourful
Flowers are naturally attractive to people. Not only are we drawn by the smell, but we can't help but focus on the bright colours in symmetrical designs when we see them in nature. This is why we bring flowers into our homes in vases and tend to them in our gardens. It's also one of the reasons that we are so attracted to floral paintings.
Fuchsia by Ciara McCormack
Images of Flowers Make Us Happy
Perhaps it's the beautiful colours and symmetry or the sense of well-being and plenty that flowers bring out in us, but one way or the other, paintings and photos of flowers simply seem to make us feel joyful. You may find that musing on a beautiful floral image can lift your mood and send your thoughts to happier places.
The Lavender Bee- Limited Edition Fine Art Print by Kim Gaffney
Floral Art is Easy to Match to a Space
Nature seems to have had a flawless sense of design when it created flowers. Flowers tend to have complementary colours within them, and many types of flowers also complement one another. This tendency makes it very easy for you to integrate a floral painting into your space. A floral painting can provide a beautiful splash of colour while at the same time working perfectly with a room’s colour pallet.
Beneath the water lilies by Louise O'Gorman Photography
We Tend to Find Natural Things Relaxing
If you've ever taken a walk to calm down after a stressful day, you know the power of nature and green spaces to soothe. As some of the most beautiful things that nature has to offer, flowers provide an inherently relaxing presence in your home and can reduce your stress level the moment you look at them.
Enjoy a Floral Artwork of Your Own
Floral paintings come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and types, from still lifes of flowers in vases, to landscapes of gardens or forest glades, to close-ups of brilliantly coloured wildflower fields. Have fun picking out the floral painting that means the most to you and enjoy it for years to come.
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I just adore all things floral related - thanks for sharing this lovely little article! You have some very gifted artists there