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Start up
How do I set up an account?
To save all your favourite art while browsing simply click on the create an account button on the top of our homepage.

I can’t log into my account, what should I do?
Make sure you are signing in through the ‘Login’ link located on the top  of the page. Then enter your email and password. If you still can’t login Contact Us

Buying artwork
How can I buy work on ArtClick?
No need to create an account to browse and buy or grab a deal – simply add to your shopping cart & checkout!
Create an account to save all your favourite art & hear about our special offers.

What type of artwork do you exhibit?
We’re dedicated solely to exhibiting & promoting quality Irish art.
On ArtClick you’ll find artwork created by well known established professional artists as well as exciting new, student & emerging talent from across the country & Irish artists currently living overseas. We proudly feature a wide variety of artworks, from paintings through to sculpture & photography.

Can I buy a Print of original artwork?
Yes, treat yourself to a painting you love the affordable way – buy a print of original Irish Art.
Prints for that special occasion:
Ever wondered what to buy for a special occasion? A Print of original Irish art makes a wonderful gift for someone special. Whether it’s a Birthday, Wedding, Retirement or ‘just because’ why not choose a print from our Print Gallery. We have a range of prints to suit any occasion.

What’s the difference between an Open Edition & Limited Edition Print?
Photographic Prints & Prints of original artwork are generally sold as either ‘Limited’ or ‘Open’ Edition. An Open Edition means that there is no limit to the amount of prints, which may be produced from an original. A Limited Edition means that there is a set limit of prints in each edition, which may be sold. Limited Edition Prints are more valuable as they are separately numbered & signed by the creator, with only a set number of prints available.

Do you hold online exhibitions?
We frequently present online exhibitions.
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How do I know I’ve got a great deal?
The price of original artwork varies greatly & depends on many factors. You may pay a premium for an artwork created by a well known professional artist. However, prices have typically been established over time & justified by critical & public acclaim. Generally, experience & talent shows through in the quality of the artwork.
Student, part time & emerging artists can represent a fantastic opportunity to spot talent & invest at an early stage in the artist’s career.

Consider that the price of artwork generally rises throughout an artist’s career. Artists’ prices usually reflect their status & experience in the world of art. Market conditions often effect the price of art in general, so in a buoyant financial climate the value of artwork tends to increase.
Remember, a work of art is original & a one of a kind. Time, talent & experience have gone into creating an artwork which you have connected with. Your interest in an artwork should be reflected in a fair offer.

The Room View option is great – is it exactly to scale?
It’s pretty accurate but mostly it’s there to give our customers an idea of how the artwork would look on a wall ie. don’t take it as gospel – it’s for guidance only.

How can I pay?
ArtClick accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) & debit cards through PayPal. Make one-off payments without sharing your financial information – it’s free, there are no transaction fees & you don’t need a PayPal account.

Is making payments through Art Click secure?
We take security very seriously. We do not store any financial information on our servers. We have multiple security layers and adhere to best practices wherever possible. Furthermore, any other sensitive customer information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored on dedicated, secured servers. For more information on how we protect customer information, see our Privacy Policy.