Ireland of the Welcomes

We have a lovely little write up in the current issue of Ireland of the Welcomes. Five lucky readers will win a limited edition print from one of the artists featured below:

‘Changing Light, Achill Beg,’ by Lol Haridman; ‘Dingle Mart,’ by Vivienne St Clair; ‘Morning on Inisheer Island,’ by Roy Lyndsay; ‘Doolough,’ by Henry McGrane & ‘Grazing at Sundown,’ by Owen Rohu.

The Ireland of the Welcomes magazine seems to be running since the year dot – well my Aunt was given a subscription during the fifties after emigrating to Canada. Today there are almost 30,000 subscribers across North America, Australia and Europe. I reckon that once Ireland is in your soul it’s there forever…

Walking all the day
near tall towers where falcons build their nests
Silver wings they fly,
They know the call for freedom in their breasts,
Saw Black Head against the sky
Where twisted rocks they run down to the sea
Living on your western shore,
Saw summer sun sets, I asked for more,
I stood by your Atlantic Sea,
And I sang a song for Ireland (extract from Song for Ireland)

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