Is art the most important part of interior design?

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made during an interior design project (even by the professionals) is not treating art as an important part of the design process. The artwork in a room should never be an afterthought – it should be a part of the project from the very beginning. By pushing it to the side during the design process, you will lose an incredible opportunity to create focal points, colour palettes and finishing touches to a room, which can make or break the overall image. At, we believe art is actually the most important part of interior design…

Focal Point

Art has long been treated as a focal point for rooms in both residential and commercial buildings. So it makes sense to treat it as an important part of the initial design process. Picture your favourite piece of artwork or favourite colours for a painting. Now imagine that with a blank canvas that you can design around! A piece of art can be a focal point on its own. For example, a big bold painting placed above your mantelpiece or above the bed in the master bedroom. Or, for a different approach, you could turn a feature wall into a focal gallery by cleverly grouping art.

Colour Palette and Texture

One of the most daunting (but fun!) parts of designing a room is choosing a colour scheme. If you’ve ever looked at an interior paint brochure, you will be familiar with the magnitude of varying shades of paint that are available. It can be a difficult task to narrow your choice down to the right palette. And, on top of that, you have to take other textiles into account, like timber, tiles, benchtops and furniture. Yet again, art needs to be considered during this stage of the design process, and it can markedly improve your overall design. For example, if you like to keep interior furniture, wall and floor tones and colours minimalist and subtle, then you can use art and décor to add a splash of bold colour. That can often be the winning ticket to a professional interior design touch.

By choosing your art during the design stage, it can also make that overwhelming job of choosing a colour palette so much easier. If there is a series of canvases that you think would work perfectly on a wall in your living room, or a large painting to place centre stage above the fireplace, then that will narrow down your colour options and can inspire the final colour scheme.

Finishing Touches

It might seem strange to be worrying about finishing touches in a room when you haven’t even designed the layout of the kitchen or chosen flooring and furniture, but that is actually the best time! It is those finishing touches that can often be the most important to you when you get down to it. You might be bringing a particular piece of art with you that you love and have held onto for years, or have your heart set on a coffee table that you’ve been eyeing for months. If you don’t take these things into account at the beginning, you could wind up designing something that doesn’t work with those finishing touches you had at the back of your mind. Everything, including the artwork and furnishings, should be taken into account from the very beginning of any design process. That way, you can achieve a truly inspired design with final touches that really do make a room appear finished, and finished to a professional standard at that!

If you’re planning a redesign at home or in a commercial space, take a look at Artclick’s current pieces for sale – all from Irish artists – to help inspire your design.

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