Painting Gandon – Aidan Hickey

I worked in the IFSC in Dublin for a number of years in the Nineties and passed this very building twice a day. The Custom House is a beautiful piece of architecture designed by James Gandon in the late 18th century. I was interested to know the background to this marvelous painting so I asked the very talented creator, Aidan Hickey.

‘Gandon, designer of the Customs House, gave Ireland its finest example of classical architecture.
I’ve been looking at it since I was a child, when my father brought me to the South quay to see Guinness boats being loaded with barrels. The painting shows the building from that same viewpoint.
It was done as a celebration of the building’s beauty – and of the affection that so many Dubliners feel for it.
The foreground easel-and-canvas creates an illusion, by seeming to both obscure and reveal the background. It’s a device that was frequently used by Rene Magritte in the 1930s.’
The original work was sold during ‘A European Canvas’ exhibition officially opened by An Tanaiste, Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Eamon Gilmore TD in April 2013.
Aidan has released a Limited Edition collection of just 50 prints through

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