Marja van Kampen The Blue Bird Egg acrylic on canvas 100x100cm

Q & A with … Marja van Kampen


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the Netherlands. After finishing Art College I spent some time in the South of
France. In 1982 I moved to Ireland.

When did you first become interested in art?
I first became interested in art at 6 years of age. My primary school teacher saw my talent
and encouraged me to draw in my copybook once I had finished my lessons and I loved

How did you pursue your desire to be a painter?
I went to Art College after I finished secondary school. My father encouraged me, signed
me up and came with me for the first interview.

What is the artistic lifestyle like? Take us through a typical day

I like painting regularly and work in my studio from 10am until 4pm. I like working away from
home and am renting a workspace in the IFA Centre, which I have converted into a studio.
After 4 pm I go home to do my administration. On Sundays I go plein air painting with the
South East Plein Air Group and participate yearly with the Art in the Open Festival in Co.

Do you paint every day, or only when the inspiration hits you?
I paint every day regularly, but take a break most Friday and Saturdays.

Choose one of your paintings and explain your inspiration behind it
The Blue Egg, acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm
My father was an enthusiastic amateur photographer and a large influence in my recent work is
the colour slides and black and white photographs he took of my sisters and myself in the Fifties and
Sixties. This painting “The Blue Egg” was inspired by one of my father’s images and portrays myself
and my three sisters in a childhood playful tableau.

Where is your favourite place to paint?
My studio is my favourite place to paint.

Which artists have most inspired you and why?
I am inspired by Paula Modersohn Becker and Joan Eardley, because of their paintings of
children and I like David Hockney’s approach to landscape.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am exploring the theme of childhood and childhood memories.

Do you have any current or upcoming exhibitions?
I am invited to participate in the Spring and Summer exhibitions of the Greenacres Gallery
in Wexford. These exhibition are postponed at the moment.

At which location (or who) would you love the opportunity to paint?
I would love to spend some time in Berlin and paint there.


You can view more of Marja’s joyful art collection HERE

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