Q & A with Nick Fegan


Where did you grow up?


When did you first become interested in art?​​

As a teenager. I went on to art foundation school.

How did you pursue your desire to be a painter?​​

When I started to show my work to friends, they encouraged me on.

What is the artistic lifestyle like? Take us through a typical day.

I wake up go to my regular work.  if I get a chance I will sketch in my vehicle anything that moves me. I’ll come home and go straight to my studio and start working on that more into a defined sketch,  then a painting. I get days that it just won’t go my way. I’ll come back again. I always keep painting to keep me from been rusty.

Do you paint every day, or only when the inspiration hits you?

Most days.  When I’m really tired I just can’t get inspired. 

Choose one of your paintings and explain your inspiration behind it.

This piece from my latest watercolour would be an inspiration. I get my inspiration from places I love,  otherwise I can’t paint with enthusiasm.

Where is your favourite place to paint?​​

Mostly the sea or Marine life. 

Which artists have most inspired you and why?

Edward Seago & John Skelton.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a piece with yachts on still water and reflections.

At which location (or who) would you love the opportunity to paint?

I don’t have any particular places of interest. Only what stirs me.  I know when I find it. 

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