Floral Abstract by Irish Artist Therese O'Keefe

Q & A with Therese O’Keefe

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Killarney Co. Kerry

When did you first become interested in art?

I loved art in school; it was my favourite subject and collected Christmas cards to make an album of them
when I was about seven years old it was my favourite go to book.

How did you pursue your desire to be a painter?

I worked in the family business until I married and moved to Charleville Co. Cork and took up art
classes in the evening and then found art classes in Limerick City given by
Limerick artists Tom Greany and Roger Mc Carthy who were amazing
artists. I did those art classes for three years and lots of workshops given
by different artists who visited the then Gallery 75. I became a member of
the Limerick Art Society and exhibited in different galleries in Limerick and

What is the artistic lifestyle like? Take us through a typical day.

My artist lifestyle is solitary as I would paint in the morning for a couple of hours
then take a break maybe meet a friend for a coffee and in the afternoon I
might paint for another couple of hours depending how I felt my painting
was going as some days it flows and other days it does not and so I just
leave it.

Do you paint every day, or only when the inspiration hits you?
I paint whenever I feel the need some days are longer than others

Choose one of your paintings and explain your inspiration behind it.
I love impressionist floral paintings with lots of colour and texture. My imagination is my inspiration.

Where is your favourite place to paint?

I paint in my shed in the garden all my paints and what I need is there and so no need to move stuff when I’m
finished for the day.

Which artists have most inspired you and why?

Tom Greany the Limerick artist totally inspired me with his colours and his method of painting I was
always in awe of his skills.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m always working on both verysmall paintings and very large abstract painting always pushing myself to
create something new and different.

Do you have any current or upcoming exhibitions?

My next exhibition will be Artsource in the RDS in November in Dublin.

At which location (or who) would you love the opportunity to paint?

I would always like the opportunity to paint in any outside location with a group of other artists
with whom I have not painted with already just to see how they paint and learn from it.

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