Selling Prints

You can sell Open or Limited Edition prints of your artwork, as long as they are of excellent quality.

  • You must sell only excellent quality prints. We strongly advise that your artwork is professionally scanned or photographed if you wish to sell prints on our site. We also recommend using professional Giclée printing services to achieve the best quality print possible.
  • Remember, you are responsible for the quality of the print which you send to the buyer. If a substandard print is received by the buyer, we reserve the right to refund the full selling cost of the print to the buyer. In this case, you will be responsible for all shipping costs.
  • If you offer prints for sale on our website, you must be the creator, or own the copyright of the original artwork.

If you sell Limited Edition Prints on our website, you must number & sign each print. You must not sell more than the number of prints allocated to each Edition.

Limited Edition & Open Edition Prints

Photographic Prints & Prints of original artwork are generally sold as either ‘Limited’ or ‘Open’ Edition. An Open Edition means that there is no limit to the amount of prints, which may be produced from an original. A Limited Edition means that there is a set limit of prints in each edition, which may be sold. Limited Edition Prints are more valuable as they are separately numbered & signed by the creator, with only a set number of prints available.