Sell Your Art

– Are you an artist, photographer or sculptor living in Ireland or an Irish artist overseas?

– Don’t have time to keep your portfolio website updated or the funds to pay a web designer to do it for you?

– Have even less time to promote your work?

– Prefer investing your time and energy creating art, not marketing?

– Losing hard-earned income to galleries’ high commission fees?

– Is your website getting lost online? Or perhaps your art is buried in a commercial art mega-website?

We know the challenges facing working artists today – has been developed to solve these and other problems.

  • We are an online gallery shop exclusively for Irish Art, Photography and Sculpture.

  • ArtClick charges NO ongoing fees for displaying your work and low commission rates on sales.

  • Our platform is designed to be easily edited by the artists themselves or we can update it for you.

  • We promote your work to the world

  • We put your work in front of individual and corporate buyers across Ireland and beyond.

An important benefit of exhibiting your work on ArtClick is access to our corporate market. ArtClick makes it easy for businesses and interior designers to search our collections for works of art that will enhance their corporate offices, interior refurbishments or new-build projects.

       15% commission online print sales         30% commission online original sales

Your Commitment to us

You must…

  • Only exhibit your best artwork.
  • Believe in excellent customer service.
  • Only use excellent quality photos of your artwork.
  • Respond in a prompt & professional manner to all questions & enquiries.
  • Dispatch your artwork as soon as possible after it has been sold (within 5 working days. Please see Packaging Tips & Delivery Policy
  • Keep your account updated, showing only artwork which is available.
  • Display all relevant information relating to you & your artwork. If any information is incorrect, we may edit or remove such information.
  • Notify us if you are away on holidays or are unable to fulfill orders for any reason.