Step into Spring

Step into Spring with an exhilarating exhibition of art painted outdoors.
Just the thing to get us all in the Spring mood is an uplifting April art exhibition ‘Mood & Light’ hosted by in association with Pleineire. The common thread of this show is that the artists have created their artworks outdoors (en plein air). The result is a vibrant collection of light-filled oil and watercolour studies. One of the artists on show Norman Teeling, who has painted outdoors throughout his illustrious career, says ‘For me painting out of doors is an absolute necessity. As an Impressionist landscape painter just being out in nature is all l need to inspire me to paint. Everywhere l look l see a painting. Even the most mundane scene can inspire me to get my paints and easel out.’

Painting ‘in the open air’ became popular from the mid 19th century and in Ireland we are seeing a resurgence thanks in no small part to the very successful Art in the Open painting festival held in County Wexford each summer since 2008. Tony Robinson was one of the founders of this plein air festival which attracts 200 artists to the South East each year. ‘It has nothing to do with liking fresh air. It is an altogether different process to working in the studio from photographs or sketches. There is such an amount of information to see, so much to edit out and the imperative is to summarise it with only a brush and a few colours before the light shifts. All artists seek technical proficiency and mastery of their craft. Yet sometimes, when you are under pressure and only barely in control, it is then that the best stuff can happen. These are the situations I’m looking for. It makes painting outdoors both a nightmare and a passion. It is always challenging and never repetitious.’

Considering the quality of the works on offer you will be pleasantly surprised to see that they fall into the affordable art category. co-founder Edith Rohu says ‘it’s a great way to start off an Irish art collection & also makes a truly original gift.’

‘Mood & Light’ runs from 1 – 30 April 2014 on

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