West of Ireland based artist Angela Emsen-West

We’re delighted to have a lovely collection of artwork for sale by artist Angela Emsen-West. Here she gives an insight into how she approaches each painting.

‘My style varies, sometimes immensely, I find that subject and mood depict the styles and colours that I use. I am sure I would find it difficult to be consistently habitual with an obviously definable style with every painting I undertook. Unquestionably my mood depicts the subject matter and the style and I could almost certainly say that it would have a large part to play in the chosen colour scheme, even though I do work, to the most part, with a basic pallet. My feelings and emotions empower me with each painting therefore, unless I feel the same about everything I paint it stands to reason that each piece with be a progression in its own right. I feel my development as an artist depends on my ability to allow myself the freedom to paint with empathy for each of my subject matters singularly. In saying all this, detail excites me. The discovery of little bits I’d never seen before or a colour that needs me to play for a while to allow it to become a tune to the subject matter will never stop. I find myself blessed that I have the vision to see beauty in the ordinary and the ability to be able to recreate it on paper.’

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